"Creativity isn't far away, or outside of you. It's an inner movement, a heart-shift, a joy making its way out of your throat or hands or feet. So go for it. No one's watching. The pay-off is magnificent."  
                                                                            — Margo Jefferson
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Wedding Photography 

My love of photography comes from a need to document things, places moments in time. I have always had a camera on me no matter where I am. Weddings are one of my favourite times to capture moments that people don't see with the naked eye.
Food, Travel, Weddings, People, Business, Misc.
Travel Photography 

I have always loved travel, my first trip was to Mexico and though I loved it and enjoyed the beauty my interest was more on history. Countries that I had read in Art History books or novels. My list is huge from Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, German, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.
People Photography 

​I love shooting people and babies they bring me so much joy some of my best work is done by just waiting for that perfect shot, whether staged or not.
Animal Photography 

Possibly one of the hardest subjects to shoot but I am still surprised when traveling I always manage to get some one of a kind pics.
Travel Photography - CHINA 2013